Artdeco Most Wanted Contour palette

Hello lovelies. Today i am going to review this lovely contouring palette by Artdeco which came in the mail full of Artdeco goodies Few days ago. I am a big fan of contouring, like for me its the most essential part of makeup and good contouring palettes always catch my eye and this is one of them ❤


It comes in a cardboard packaging as a rectangular palette. The packaging is really eye catchy and super sleek, like if you are shopping and you see the palette, you’d definitely wanna buy it. Also it opens and closes really smoothly which makes it easy to handle. So it has total of 6 pans. The upper 3 pans have highlight, blush amd strobe powder and the lower 3 pans have three different contouring shades. Pan sizes are huge to last long enough which i really like about this palette. Another thing is that below each pan the name of the specific powder is mentioned which makes it easy to use for beginners. The palette also has a mirror which makes contouring more comfortable and easy.


It comes in 2 shades. One is called WARM and the other is COOL. the palette im reviwing is warm one.


All the shades have a soft creamy texture. Picking power is great like a lot of product is picked by your brush easily. Also the blending power is so freakin good all shades blend like magic without leaving any smudge marks or cracks. They have no smell and are suitable for sensitive skin.


Highlight is not very light but its suitable for warm toned skin. You can use it on your under eye area upon conealor to set it and make your undereye look fresh. You can also use it to set makeup on other parts of the face. It doesnt have a lot of coverage, ill say medium but still its really good when used to set makeup specially under eye area.


The blush on comes in a soft peachy shimmery shade. It has a light shade, not too pigmented so its really good for you if you like soft light peachy natural looking cheeks. You can also use it as an eye shadow because the shimmer is really pretty.


Strobe is basically a highlighter and you can use it to highlight your nose bridge, cupids bow, top of cheeks and all high points of face. It comes in a really pretty frost shade and is highly pigmented and provides a subtle glow when applied. However its buildable, and if you build it up it will give you a more glowy finish.


Lower 3 shades are contour and they are named from 1-3 , light, medium and dark so you can easily choose a shade according to your face colour to achieve a flawless look. Really easy to blend !


This palette is perfect if you are looking for your all in one contour needs. It is no less then high end brands in quality and also really pocket friendly. I will rate it 4.6/5 and you should definitely go try this if you are looking for an easy contour solution.


You can get this from artdeco outlets all beauty stores like Alfateh and others in pakistan or order it from . it costs pkr 3150/ $25.98

Or you can just go to official 😊❤ hope it helps

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🌸Olor Pakistan Fragrance PREET Review🌸

Hi y’all how are you? Summer season is on and one of the biggest problems i face during summers is i sweat a lot and obviously it makes you smelly, which takes a lot of your self confidence away. And i look for perfumes that last for some good long hours so i feel fresh all the time without having to re-apply my perfume again and again. One of the recently launched perfumes that i came across is from Olor pakistan fragrances and oh my i am soo impressed with the scent and quality. And yes !! It lasts log enough 💜


Olor is a Norway originated Pakistani brand and the quality is no less than other international brands. They started out as body sprays and now they have launched their floral perfume collection which consists of total 4 fragrances. Their brand ambassador is Nargis Fakhri. And these can be found in almost all major cities of pakistan like lahore,karachi,islamabad,rawalpindi,faisalabad,peshawer and heydrabad.


They have launched total 4 fragrances called


🌸Passionate pink

🌸Lovely lavender

🌸Romantic red


These all come in super lavish and sexy superfine french glass bottle with an easy to open cap and a smooth spray.


Each bottle has 100ml of product in it with 15% fragrance content.


The one i got is called OLOR PREET. It has a scent of dry flowers which i am totally loving because it doesnt give you a headache (as some fragrances do). What i love about it most is that it lasts a good amount of time throughout the day, almost like 7-8 hours. Isnt that amazing? 😍


You can this in pkr 1390/ $11.42 which is very reasonable for such a good quality fragrance.


Its definitely a thumbs up and i would recommend you to try it. You wont be disappointed. I rate it 4.8/5 🔥


You can get these from olor outlets or order online from or .


Origin: Norway

Price: 1390 PKR

Fragrance Content: 15%

Fragrance Class: Floral

Packaging: Available in Superfine French glass bottle

Variants: 4

Facebook Page: 407,000 People

Brand Ambassador: Nargis Fakhri

Availability: Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad

FUN FACT : Do you know you can mix 2 or three fragrances to get the fragrance of your choice? Well now you know. 💜 HAPPY MIXING 💜

Skineva Natural skincare Review

Skineva natural is a russian based pakistani brand that procides 100% natural, toxin free organic skin and hair care range.Their products range from anti-aging face serums to brightening scrubs to even the finest cosmetics.

They also provide skin treatments for face and body including electrology,laser hair removal,prp,dermaneedling and many other skin care therapies all conducted by specialized aestheticians.

Few weeks ago they sent me a PR package full of their skin care and hair care goodies that i have been trying for almost a month now and thought its time for a review. Ill be reviewig only two of their products in this post. Review for Hair Play Protein hair mask will be uploaded in a seperate post. So they sent me

🌸Brightening Facial scrub

🌸Hair play protein hair mask

🌸Hyaluronic acid serum+primer

🌸Beauty blender


This brightenig facial scrub comes in a sleek and decent packaging and it contains 315ml of product which is a whole lot of product for pkr 800/$8.


It contains organic tea tree oil and calming mint, which has a really soothing effect on skin when you apply it on your face ( thats the best part ❤). Other than that water,glycerin,pomegranate powder,mannitol,sodium,methyl and lauryl brtine.

🌸How to apply

Massage the scrub gently over wet skin for few minutes in circular motion. Avoid the eye area. Then rinse off.


Its claims to

➡Reduce oil
➡prevent blemishes
➡promote healing
➡reduce hyperpigmentation

➡reduce acne marks
➡removes dead skin
➡removes dirty pores

🌸My experience

Seriously all the claims are legit 😍😍 it works so well and good that it instantly became my favourite ever since i started using it. Since i dont have an oily skin so i cant say much about the oil controling thingy but other than that this is totally recommended guys. I’d rate it 4.8/5 .


This serum with Vitamin C is An anti-aging serum beneficial for your skin’s health.It comes in a handy bottle.As we grow old our body collagen declines which makes wrinkles and discoloration more visible. Hyaluronic acid keeps the collagen synthesis up, retains skin moisture and contributes to anti-aging benefits to the skin.


It consists of 100% pure hyaluronic acid with vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidant, rose hips and collagen.

🌸USES AND BENEFITS of the serum

➡Hydrates dry and aged skin
➡Helps to reduce wrinkles
➡Promotes healthy looking skin
➡treat sores, sunburns and wounds
➡Can be used as face primer before makeup


Just apply a little amount on your face before going to sleep.

🌸My experience

im totally loving it. As soon as you apply it gives your skin a cool soothing feeling. Plus it doesnt make my skin too oily and greasy so its best for oily skin if you are looking for a serum thats not too greasy. I use it as a primer before makeup and it keeps my makeup fresh for like 3-4 hours. I have also noticed a reduction in my scar marks ever since i started using it. So for me its a total yes. Ill rate it 4/5. Im sure you’ll love it too.

🌸Where to buy

You can get skineva products from following sites

Their clinic is located in Lahore cant if you want to visit for skin treatments. You can get the directions from their facebook page which i already mentioned.

🌸You can also get an additional 10% off on all their products if you use my code Jia10. Happy shopping ❤

Bullying, you think its fun?

Hey you all.. how are you guys doing? I took a long long break because i had been really busy with some stuff recently. Today’s post is not a review post though as you can see in the title. Its about something i have been wanting to write about for a very long time but i just didnt know how to put whatever im feeling into words. I am not very good at expressing myself. So i know almost all of you have gone through this and bullied at some point in your life. Some because you have extra layers of fat, some because they are too skinny, some because others think they are ugly and bla bla.

When i was a teenager i was bullied a lot because i am too skinny according to society’s beauty standards. Well the thing is i cant help myself. I am like this and ill stay like this no matter what i do. But it hurts when someone bullies you for something you have already been feeling bad about.

I just want to say this to people who think its normal and FUN to call someone names and bully them because of their colour, race, religion and body type.. YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE. if you cant help someone fighting their battles and helping them overcome their insecurities then please atleast dont say anything shitty to them. Because someday it could be you, your daughter/son who will go through same and then you’ll feel the pain when they come crying to you. Seriously its not fun. Its pathetic.

As we all know suicide rates have been increasing tremendously among people these days. And obviously what makes them end their life? Something harsh someone said or did to them right? Think about it. You could be the reason someone ended their life. Will you be able to live peacefully after that? No. So Please stop it.

Islam doesnt teach us to harm other people. Its a religion of love. It teaches us to help and love other people. It teaches us to be kind with people, even animals! And if you cant even do that then atleast you can stay quiet. That would save a million hearts from getting broken.

Jessup Beauty Makeup Brushes Review

🌼All the makeup junkies know that their makeup collection is incomplete without good makeup brushes.But them real good quality brushes are expensive right? What if i tell you there is a brand from where you can get amazingly good quality brushes and that too at an affordable price. Yess !! Im talking about none other than jessup beauty.

🌼Jessupbeauty makeup brushes are considered as good as Sigma, Real Techniques or xoBeauty brushes, but are cheaper than them. NOW THATS SOMETHING GOOD. 💕 so i got this 15 piece Bamboo brush set few days ago and i was so impressed by their quality. And geuss what?  it costs only $24.99/pkr2768 which is very reasonable for a whole 15 PIECE BRUSH SET ! provided these are very good quality brushes.Their handles are made from pure bamboo and colour of brush handles is the original colour of bamboo, And these are one of their best selling brushes. Moreover they have a HUGE variety of beautiful brush sets at very reasonable prices which you can check on their website ( link at the end)

🌸These are made from synthetic bristles and are incredibly soft, and perform equally as other pricy brushes. Also they pick a fairly good amount of product and do their job at applying and  blending makeup really well. And their bristles dont fall off when you wash them lol. Which is very good because that way these will last long enough. I personally really liked them. Like there is nothing about these that i would say is not okay. From the price to performance and quality these are A1. I will rate these 5/5 definitely.
Plus their shipping service is very good. I got these like in just one week and i wasnt disappointed at all.

🌸Here is the list of brushes i received:

🏵 (top to bottom)

➡ 127 Sheer Cheek : for poweder blush/bronzer

➡ 101 Face Definer : for Contour and powder

➡ 106 Powder : for loose and  pressed powder

➡  104 Buffer : for application and blending of Foundation

🏵 (top to bottom)
➡ 227 Soft Definer : for blendig and smoothing of eyeshadow

➡ 230 Pencil : for precise shading and smoothing

➡ 233 Cream Shader : for cream eyeshadow

➡ 231 Petit Crease : for blending in crease

➡ 237 Detail Shader : for detailed eyeshadow application

➡ 142 Concealor Buffer : for blending concealor

➡ 228 Crease : for blending and shading eyeshadow in crease

➡ 110 Face Shape : for contour

➡ 317 Winge Liner

➡ 234 Smoky shader : blending and shading for smoky effect

➡ 322 Brow Line : for powder and cream brow products


Im so glad i came across these amazing brushes. Do check them out, you wont be disappointed, these are soft af and quality is amazing💕😊


You can buy these from jessupbeauty official website 😊

Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation Review

Masarrat Misbah Foundation is one of the best foundations i have come across and i fell in love with it ever since i started using it. Hats off to respected Masarrat Misbah for improvising this lovely product.Here is a quick review of this amazing product.


It costs pkr1450/$13.09 (for 30ml of product) which is very reasonable for such a good quality foundation.


The brand claims that this foundation tunes in to your skin’s need, controlling oil where there is a shine and moisturize where it’s patchy for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage. Well thats totally true, i have been using it for sometime and it actually does what it claims.

Here are the pros and cons and my experience with it.


🌸 provides medium to full matte coverage and covers all your dark spots, blemishes and scar marks

🌸 doesnt become patchy at all

🌸 lasts upto 9 hours and still looks fresh

🌸 it blends really well and sets quickly

🌸 it is a very lightweight foundation and it doesnt give you the feeling of a second skin lol

🌼 you just need a little amount of product and you are good to go. For me it just takes one pump per makeup look.


🌸 since it provides matte finish so if you have a dry skin it will make it more dry unless you apply loads of moisturizer and primer and then its good to go. Tho its perfect for oily skin. My skin is a combination of dry and oily and kinda becomes dry in winters, so i have to use a lot of moisturizer and primer in winters with this foundation. Other than that its perfect.


Its a total thumbs up for me.Ill rate it 4.5/5 and Ill definitely buy this again 💕


 ➡ you can buy it from depilex outlets or you can visit their website

( ) and order yours 😊

Hope its helpful. Stay blessed 🙂

How to make decisions easy way 💕

Few months ago i wanted to buy a new phone so i started searchimg online which one should i get. I ended up liking 3 phones and i couldnt decide which one to buy among those three because i had the choice of buying only one of them.

We all have been there when we have to choose just one among many things right? When we are not sure what to do. Should i buy these shoes or those shoes? Should i marry this man or that man? Should i take this test or that test? Should i get into this university or that university? Should i take this job or that job and so much more.

Its not always these easy choices. Sometimes we have to make serious decisions. And due to so much pressure our minds stop working in these situations and we end up not knowing what to do. Then we go for advice from people like us who have the same thinking capacity as us.

Im not saying taking advice is bad. Taking advice is good, but it doesnt mean that you totally stop thinking about the consequences and end up doing exactly what someone told you even if its bad for you.

NO. Instead take advice and see for yourself what should you do? How should you act upon that advice which will turn out good in the end. Because sometimes even some of the advices are shitty, but because of our diminished thinking capacity at the times of crisis we end up taking those advices which sometimes turn out disastrous.

Let me tell you an easy way of making decisions. And trust me this wont lead to bad consequences. Take a paper and a pen. Devide the paper in 2 halves by drawing a line at the centre. Write pros and cons on each sides of paper. Now suppose you want to buy a new phone and you cant pick between two. Now write pros of both phones on the paper, one phone’s on one side and other’s on other side. Write how reasonable they are, how will they be beneficial for you, their camera qualities, battery lives (LOL YES) etc. Now when you are done with writing all the pros, write their cons on each side. Like which one is more expensive but not worth it, which one has less battery life, which one’s ram sucks bla bla .

When you are done with all of these, count the pros and cons. Choose the phone whos pros are greater in number than the other phone, or the phone whos cons are less in number than the other phone, and just go with it. Tadaa !! Easy no? Thats what i do. And ever since i have started doing it, my life has become so much easier. Those who know me know that i dont like complications. I like taking things easy way and thats what i tell people, despite making things and life complicated find easy solutions to your problems. Do things simple and easy way 😊💕 stay blessed. Hope it helps. And still if you have questions feel free to drop me an email, ill try to get back asap ❤

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🌹Review🌹Nawab organics

Hi guys. Hope you are well. A few days ago sent me this amazing care package which includes a variety of cold pressed oils and their signature mixed nut brittle.

Here is the list of the oils i got from them :

🌹Sesame oil
🌹walnut oil
🌹almomd oil
🌹mustard oil
🌹olive oil
🌹coconut oil
🌹mixed nut brittle

For those who dont know what is, well it is a platform from where you can buy a huge variety of different organic products like brown rice, chutneys, brown sugar and best quality cold pressed oils.And you can get all of these at very reasonable prices ❤ Their oils are one of their most amazing products i must say 😍 They come in such cute bottles (as you can see above) which are really easy to handle, and they wont make a mess everytime you are about pour some oil for your use. Plus they have introduced walnut oil and Sesame oil about which very few people know in pakistan. And guys trust me these have amazing health and skin care benefits which most of us dont know.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of these oils:

Woah so much in such a reasonable price? Well you have to get these oils. Because no matter what we use whats organic is organic. I am huge sucker for organic products and i love making DIY skin and hair care products and use them. They do take some effort but they are worth it trust me.


I came up with some useful recepies using @nawaborganic products. You can watch the video here for recepies. dont worry its just a one minute video and it includes recepie of

🌹DIY skin and body coffee scrub

🌹DIY Aloe coconut moisturizer

🌹anti dandruff and acne reducing serum

🌹scar marks and dark circles reducing serum


⬆⬆⬆Here are some useful recepies that i came up with for you guys using @nawabganic products.(FOR DETAILS CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO). This includes ⬇ 🌹DIY skin and body coffee scrub 🌹DIY Aloe coconut moisturizer 🌹anti dandruff and acne reducing serum 🌹scar marks and dark circles reducing serum As you can see i havent mentioned quantities in my video, thats because you can choose quantity of every ingredient as per your wish and as much as you want to make. Plus another thing, whenever you make something, make a small amout of it, for one time use only. Because if you make a lot of it, you'll have to store the remaining and its not gonna be fresh when you use it again. Enjoy 💕 P.s i personally use coconut coffee scrub and dark circles reducing serum of these DIY products and they do work.Only this time im using @nawabganic oils and i came up with 2 more amazing recepies(anti dandruff/anti acne serum and aloe coconut moisturizer).All organic products take time to work so be patient. Post.P.s i made a HUGE mess filming this 😂😂 . . . . . . . . . #liketkit #fashionblogger #styleblogger #instagramers #webstagram #instagood #beautycare #skincare #bestofday #organic #organicfood #healthyfood #health #organicskincare #healthy #natural #fitness #cleaneating #organiclife #beauty #healthyeating #vegan #f4f #likeforfollow #insta

A post shared by 🌸Jia 🌸🇵🇰 (@jiasblog_) on

As you can see i havent mentioned quantities in my video, thats because you can choose quantity of every ingredient as per your wish and as much as you want to make. Plus another thing, whenever you make something, make a small amout of it, for one time use only. Because if you make a lot of it, you’ll have to store the remaining one and its not gonna be fresh when you use it again. Hope you enjoy the video.


Talk about their brittle, i LOVED IT ❤❤its not tooo sweet ( which i love) and it tastes soo amazing you can munch on it all day. And it only costs Pkr 350 😍 isnt that great ❤


I am definietly going to order my cold pressed oils from (because they have such a huge variety) and i recommend you to try their products as well. 😊 you wont be disappointed. You’ll be able to get so much at such reasonable prices seriously ❤

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Hidden pearls_best place to buy your hijabs💕

Hi girls hope you are doing great. Today’s post is a sponsored post and its about one of the best hijab shops i came across. I am talking about none other than

They have a HUGE variety of hijabs , undercaps and cute hijab pins. I mean there is soo much on their site, you’ll fall in love with everything they have. Following is the detail of some of their products i fell in love with.


They have an amazing variety of hijabs from the most talked about crinckled hijabs to them chiffon hijabs. Their hijabs are so freakin soft and comfy to wear. They sent me 2 of their hijabs (pictures below) and i am soo in love with them . They are soo beautiful and the best part they stay and wont slip here and there(except for silk hijabs :D).

Here is the list of hijabs their website has

🌹Lace Hijabs

🌹Al-Mirah Hijabs

🌹Chiffon Hijabs

🌹Chic Hijabs

🌹Jersey Hijabs

🌹Plka dot Hijabs

🌹Silk Hijabs

🌹Crinkle Hijabs

🌹Plain Hijabs

🌹Printed Hijabs

🌹Shimmer Hijabs

🌹Turkish Hijabs


Apart from hijabs their website has wide variety of cute hijab pins that you can buy to accessorize your hijabs.


they also have a wide variety of underscarves that you can wear beneath your hijabs to keep them in place. Their underscarves range from

🌹Ninja underscarves

🌹Bonnet underscarves

🌹Tube underscarves

🌹Plain valvet turban

🌹Valvet brooch turban


They also have cute gift sets if you want to gift your bff a cute hijab with a hijab wrapping service. How cool is that 😍😍


As i said they sent me 2 of their hijabs to review. I must say i was so impressed by their hijabs. They are so soft and light weight. And the best part these are really airy and they wont make you feel chocked or suffocated. And i said before that these stay in place. THE BEST PART they are sooo freakin gorgeous 😍😍😍 one of these is a crinckle shimmer hijab in red. And the other is pearl studded hijab as you can see below.


I really love their hijabs and i am definitely going to order from their webiste. Their shipping is really fast i received my hijabs in just 2 weeks. I would recommend you to go check their site you wont be disappointed 💕

Stay blessed and dont forget to follow me on instagram❤

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How to face your fears❤

If someone says that they dont fear anything, thats stupid. We are humans and each one of us fears something. Some people fear losing their loved ones, some people who have gone through some past trauma fear they might go into that situation again, some fear falling in love, some fear opening up to other people thinking they might get tired of their stories, some people have stage fright, some fear from dark, some from ghosts, some from getting insulted by their boss, some from drowning and the list goes on.

One of the most important thing is acknowlaging your weakeness and admitting that yes you are afraid of this particular thing. Even the people whom you see on national geographic climbing those dangerous mountains have one or other fear, they dont deny it, they dont say they are perfect and dont fear anything, rather they accept their fear and weakness and then they face it. Thats what makes them brave.

Accepting your weeknesses, realizing that you are not perfect and stop denying your fears are the key components of facing your fears.

If you dont accept that you are vulnerable you cant face your fears. If you keep thinking that no im perfect, and the bravest person alive, i dont cry i am not afraid of anything then bleieve me you are not brave, you are coward. You are lying to your own self as well as others.

Accepting that you are not perfect and acknowlaging your fears is the 1st step to face your fears.

Now lets move onto the 2nd step. Take a paper and a pen. Make a list of all the things you are afraid of. EVERYTHING. Once you are done, cut the things that wont matter. Like suppose you are afraid of lizards. Think about it. How its gonna affect your life? No it wont. You can always scream and ask someone to shoo it away right? So this doesnt matter. Once you are done cutting things that dont affect your life and you can pretty much handle them, you will be left with much more important things that do affect your life.

One of the things for example is that you are afraid of what other people think about you. Yes this will affect your life as long as you dont concentrate on yourself and keep thinking about others opinions. If you spend your life thinking what other people think of you then you are never gonna be happy. You will always end up doing things that you are not happy with because you were too afraid of what will people say? I always tell everyone to do whatever they love and stop paying attention to shitty comments of people because they are never gonna be happy. They are always gonna point out your flaws, they will always try to let you down EVEN IF you are perfect. If you want to do something then do it. Dont kill your passions because of others. You are gonna die alone and they are not gonna do anything to save you. These are not the people who are gonna stay in your life forever then why ruin your happiness because of them? Right? Suppose there is a person and he wants to become a writer, he shows a piece of his writing to one of his friends and he makes fun of it. Now what that person does is stop writing and thinks his work is shit and its never going to be published. Why? Just because a friend( who actually wasnt a friend because he didnt support him) and some other people said so? Just because they said so you are gonna stop trying? No . Face it. Screw their opinions. Whats the most they can do of you dont do what they want? They cant kill you right? Even if they do we are all gonna die at the end right? This life is short dont waste your time thinking too much and fearing other’s opinions. If you want to do somethig then go do it. And the most important thing leave people who dont support you. They are not your friends.

Once you are free from this “other’s opinions cage” you’ll feel much better. As if a burden has just been removed. Now you have to work on other things that you are afraid of. You want to cook that pasta but too afraid it wont turn out good? Hell no go cook it. Whats the most that can happen? You’ll fail once, twice, thrice or even more but then at one point you’ll master it. Because you will learn everytime you fail. You are afraid of dark? Turn off the lights and set the timer for 2 minutes and sit in the dark. Close your eyes and just sit there for 2 minutes no matter what happens. Again whats the most that can happen? Right? Do this everyday increasing 1 min everyday and one day you wont be afraid of dark anymore. You’ll be able to sit in dark calmly and nothing will happen. Afraid of drowning? Learn swimming. Just do it dont think whether i should or not. Sometimes we think too much and make things worse. Life is easy, dont make it complicated. Afraid of hights? Go to an aparment and spend 15 min on the lower most terrace straight.walk and try to look down on the road and be careful. Do this for 3 days. Next 3 days try spening time on a higher floor terrace and so on. One day you’ll be able to stand on the top floor without being afraid of anything. Easy right? Just needs patience. Remember that whenever you are trying to change something in yourself do it gradually, dont jump. Like if you want to quite smoking then throwing all your packs away and just dont smoke wont work. It will make the condition worse. Rather do it gradually. Whenever you buy a new pack throw one cigarette away and smoke the rest of the pack. after one month start throwing 2 cigarettes away and so on. This will be much easy and one day you will be left with only one cigeratte and one day with none.

You have stage fright? Take an assignment and go to perfom. Whats the most that can happen? You will have a panic attack and forget everything? Well if it does happen just give a smile to your audience and come back. Dont care what others are whispering at the moment. They are the same people who are gonna ask for your autograph when you are famous lol. When this happens you will no longer be afraid of going onto the stage. And then one day you will be able to perform all well 😊

So whenever you want to do something but afraid of it. Jist think whats the most that can happen? And do it. As long as it is legal and wont harm anyone. I tried to cover all the major things on how to do it. If you have any questions you can drop me an email and ill try to help asap 😊

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